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"Your teaching style is to be complimented as you go slow enough so we can pick up your techniques. Too many other videos seem to show off skills rather than teach. Your videos are the best."

- Tony Tucker, Muaklek, Thailand

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Introducing the ‘Fingerpicking Tricks’ online video lesson course

Introducing the ‘Fingerpicking Tricks’ online video lesson course

After more than a year and thousands of hours of work, Fingerpicking Tricks is here.

We’re so excited!

Fingerpicking Tricks is a brand new online video lesson course giving you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step method to becoming a master of fingerpicking on the ukulele.

The course is designed for ukulele players who wish to go beyond the basics of playing the ukulele and explore four distinct styles of fingerpicking the ukulele: pattern-based fingerpicking, arpeggio-based fingerstyle, melodic-based fingerstyle, and solo fingerpicking.

You have everything you need to become a proficient fingerpicker on the ukulele.

Learn more about Fingerpicking Tricks here.

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