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Find out how to play any chord on the ukulele. Just select a chord below. Our library consists of hundreds of chords, which makes it one of the largest ukulele chord libraries on the internet.
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How to Use this Tool

Our ukulele chord library contains about every type of chord you'd ever want to play on the ukulele. To find a chord, simply select the root note of the chord and then it's quality (e.g. major, minor, maj7, min7, etc.).

A lot of times, there is more than one way you can play a chord. Click any one of the several chord variations for each chord to see different ways you can play the exact same chord. Pretty cool, huh?

The Most Common Ukulele Chords

As a beginning uke player, it can be overwhelming to think there are over hundreds of different chords over such a small instrument. So, which ones do you really need to know?

It might be surprising to know that most popular songs you and I enjoy are only based off of a couple chords. If you know these chords, you're in pretty good shape:

  • C major
  • G major
  • F major
  • D major
  • A minor
  • D minor

The goal is to be able to get to the point where you not only know these chords but the different variation and positions of these chords across the ukulele's fretboard.

For example, when you play a C major chord in a different position on the neck, you can get a different type of tone and sound, although it is still a C major chord. Some people might refer to these different chord positions as voicings.

Be sure to check out our video lesson on the 11 Must-Know Ukulele Chords for Beginners.

Ukulele Songs: Putting the Chords Together

The point of expanding your vocabulary of chords is to obviously be able to play more songs. Head over to our ukulele songs to get the chords for your favorite songs.