Ukulele Tuner

Our online ukulele tuner features over seven different popular types of tunings in a sleek, compact, easy-to-use interface. Simply select the type of tuning you want from the bottom left drop-down menu, the tone you want (ukulele or sine wave), and flip one of the black switches on. Make sure your speakers are turned up!

How to Tune Your Ukulele by Ear

You can use this tool as a point of reference for tuning your ukulele. If you just want to tune your ukulele to normal or standard tuning, make sure “Standard Tuning (gCEA)” is selected on the tuner.

We’ll tune the ukulele’s top string first. Turn the black switch “on” under the “G” note to hear the pitch.

As the sound is playing (as long as the switch is on the sound will keep looping), hum the note and get it in your head. Do this before plucking any strings on your ukulele. Once you’re certain you’ve heard the pitch, pluck the top string, or the G string, on your ukulele. Now, get this pitch in your head.

If the pitch of the plucked string is higher than the pitch of the sound playing on the tuner, that means the string on your ukulele is sharp.

If the pitch of the plucked string is lower than the pitch of the sound playing on the tuner, that means the strings on your ukulele is flat.

As both sounds are ringing, you want to turn your tuning pegs on your ukulele to match the two pitches. When the pitches aren’t matching, at the initial attack of the two sounds, you’ll hear almost a warbly sound between the two like this:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

When the pitches are matching, the warbly sound will be gone and the two sounds will ring smoother against each other like this:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Be sure to check out our more in-depth article on ukulele tuning to explore how a ukulele is tuned and the different types of tunings.

Why Does My Ukulele Still Sound Out-of-Tune?

Tuning an instrument such as a ukulele by ear takes a little bit of practice and the ability to identify pitch. That’s why I mentioned above how it can be helpful to hum each pitch before comparing them so your brain is registering the pitch.

The surest way of getting your ukulele in tune is by using a chromatic tuner. The tuner I use is a Korg CA-30, which I believe has been discontinued and replaced by the Korg CA-40 (pictured above). For the price, the Planet Waves chromatic tuner has received good reviews too. Check out my review on 5 Great Chromatic Tuners for Ukulele for more recommendations.


  1. hayley

    just bit confused! i been tuning my uke by tuning the E string and then tuning the other strings off that, ie A string with Estring 5th fret, G string with Estring 3rd fret and C string 4th fret with Estring and it sounds like it perfect, but when i tune each string individually with my chromatic tuner it sounds all out of whack.. whats the best way?

    • Sometimes there is a discrepancy between when we tune by ear verses when we use the tuner. While our ears will generally get us very close, the tuner never lies, so even if we are slightly off it’ll point it out to us. Usually, we can tune by ear just enough to get a pleasing tuning, but if we are ever playing with other instruments or playing with a recording, it’s always a good idea to use a chromatic tuner to get that extra accuracy.

      All to say, a chromatic tuner will always give you better accuracy but it sounds like you are getting pretty close just by ear, which is great. For myself, I always try to use a chromatic tuner if I have one handy, although sometimes I get lazy and it’s easier to just use the tuner on this page! :)

      • Hayley

        thanks, I spent a bit of time on it yesterday with the chromatic tuner and it’s going perfectly now, so not sure what I was doing wrong :) I do like to have it perfectly in tune! sounds so much better.

    • Mark

      I am frustrated beyond belief. I just bought a ukulele yesterday and it appears to simply be untunable. I have used tuners, ear and other instruments and no matter what I do, when I play a chord, all I hear is total garbage. It is not that it isn’t in tune; it is no where near the right sound. Should I take it back?

      • Hi Mark, might want to take it back. It is true that if the strings are new that they will adjust quite a bit before “settling”. At the same time, you should be able to get a decent tune out of it. You might have got a lemon.

        • T-uke

          Hi Brett & Mark,
          Bought my first one last week, and took me some time as well to get it tuned, bought it for travelling, so my chromatic tuner is at home (have one since learning guitar as well) so, with some iPad apps, I could gt is a) somewhat tuned b) and every time before playing I tune it again. Last days it starts to keep its tuning better. I’m aware the temperature is going up and down here which also influences the instrument… Either way… Got it tuned and now ip to the next step, continue to read your ebook! Thanks for that! All the best, Tom – Belgium – France

          • Christa

            I don’t know how common this is… but I found that my uke strings had to stretch for a bit before they would stay in tune properly. For me, it worked to stretch them by twisting the knobs tighter than they should be, then leaving the instrument overnight like that. Since then, it hasn’t been a problem to tune it correctly. I don’t know if that’s “best practices” with a uke, as I’m totally new to the uke world –but it seemed to do the trick!

        • Sawyer

          What method should I be tuned in for somewhere over the rainbow? When I pluck my g string like you do before the strums it sounds all high pitched and bad…

          • Hi Sawyer, for my “Over the Rainbow” video, I’m in low G tuning.

        • Simon

          Hi Brett, could you add a 3rd sound variation to the player? A bell would be nice or piano. If you could that would be very kind of you and so thank you anyway for this useful tool.

      • me

        Bring it to the store and have them tune it. Tell them the problem and they will probably know how to fix it. Then ask them what tuners they highly recommend. worst comes to worst, you might need new strings or a new uke.

  2. Ron


    I have recently revived my interest in the ukelela a would recommend a clip on tuner. Very easy to use. Tells you whether tuning is high or low When your uke is tuned correctly, the screen turns green.
    The one I have was purchased from my local music store and cost around £18.00 sterling. A worthwhile investment. Made by Tanglewood and is the “Traffic Light Tuner TCT-1

    • Jade

      Hi, I just bought a uke today with a clip-on chromatic tuner. It’s still sounding terrible! I have been trying to tune it for at least an hour now, and am completely frustrated. All the strings sound in tune, and then when I play a chord it just sounds awful! Help!

      • Chuck

        I got an inexpensive soprano ukulele and this is what I found out- the strings will behave better after a while and will stay in tune linged as time goes by. My strings are monofilament nylon and are in tune when played open, but if I fret the chords with more than just light finger pressure tthe strings tend to stretch and go sharp. When playing fret as lightly as possible.

        • Hi Chuck, inexpensive ukuleles are known for having intonation issues, where when you fret a string it is pulled sharp in pitch. You could take it to a luthier to try to have it set up, but as it is an inexpensive ukulele, it kind of comes with the territory.

  3. Malc

    A very useful bit of Java! Thanks.

  4. Megan(:

    yay 😀

  5. Charles Vaughn

    A question!
    I use a tuner like your to tune my Ukulele (it cost approximately $90). It has a nice tone. However, even when it is tuned by sine or by tone, the A string, when playin chords just doesn’t sound right. SHould I so-to-say tune that string until the chords sound right or is it that my Uke is a cheapy. I have also notice that with some guitars I have had in the past unless it was very good one like a Yamaha Classical that I had at one time. I do not have perfect pitch but this is driving me CRAZY.
    In Christ,

    • Hey Charles, my guess is that the intonation on your ukulele might be a little bit off. This is common for entry-level ukuleles. In this case, I would say that it would be best to tune the string so it sounds right in the context of the chords you are playing rather than to the tuner.

  6. Keith M Johnson

    The turner is right on..Checked it against my Snark..Thanks for this and the site..Keith

    • That’s awesome! I’m glad I got it on the mark :)

    • I have a Snark too and both are great, Thanks Brett :)

  7. Andy

    Do you have one for a baritone Uke? Any sugestions on which tuning I should use. Some say to treat it like the bottom 4 strings of a guitar but I’m hoping it will still sound like a Ukulele.

    I haven’t played it yet. Got it at an auction for $6 with no strings and ordered a set of Martin Baritones online to arrive soon. I’m not a musician (yet) but was curious and the price was right.

    • Hey Andy, you are right that you should tune the baritone uke like the four bottom strings of a guitar: DGBE.

      This will still sound like a ukulele, but the nature of a baritone ukulele is that it has a deeper sound. So it is going to sound darker and warmer. The chord positions will be a little different… you’ll have to refer to some guitar chords and ignore the top two strings. It sounds like you got a great deal. It’s definitely worth a try. :)

  8. Uke monster

    I just bought the “Tiki” Ukalele tuner by Gogo tuners, and it is the best item I could have for my Uke!! Check it out everyone

    • JamiePags

      Thanks for the tip Uke Monster!! I went to Sam Ash and after testing it ….I have to say it’s an excellent tuner. The screen resolution and sensitivity is awesome

  9. Tiny Uke

    Hey all found a great Uke tuner. The TIKI, by Gogo tuners, looks and works epic!!!

  10. Daniel

    When using the Korg chromatic tuner, what freq. should I use when
    tuning my tenor ukulele?

    • 440hz will do the trick!

    • Keithmj

      True tone they say is set at 444. I use both but at my age I don’t think it makes a difference. But some people say that we should only use 444 as it is found more in nature. Set it to both and and try it, can’t hurt.

      • Don’t use 444 if you want to play with anyone else. You’ll get a lot of dirty looks from the beats set up between your instrument and theirs. Everyone use a 440 A.

  11. Doug Baker

    I am trying to learn on a bariton Uke. Your tuning seems to be a bit different. What are you playing on your lessons and how does that change what I do. I’d like to know before I start taking lessons gthat don’t apply to me. Thanks, Doug

    • Hey Doug. I’m in either in standard tuning (gCEA) or low G tuning (GCEA) for the lessons you see spread across the site. You might find my post explaining different types of tuning helpful. You can get that here.

      For some of these lessons, you might have some difficulties playing along because a baritone ukulele is tuned like the bottom four strings of a guitar (DGBE). The chord fingerings will be different for you. The best thing to do is to look up guitar chords and just pay attention to the bottom four strings.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of material up right now for those playing baritone ukuleles. I apologize for this. Hopefully I can get some up in the short future!

      • Keithmj

        Have you thought about a tuner for the Low G tuning? I have a Soprano and a Tenor setup using that. Just wondering..Thanks Brett.

        • Keithmj

          Dummy me..It is tuned the same. I just noticed this and had to stand corrected. Thanks Brett

  12. Georgette Reynolds

    remember no stupied questions except this one. On my clip on tuner on bottom left that has a letterA and a three digit number,what is for and where should it be?

    • Russ

      Not a stupid question, Georgette.
      All notes are defined in relation to the starting point, “A”.
      The three numbers tell what frequency “A” is set to on your tuner.
      Your tuner probably allows you to adjust this starting point. If so, standard tuning is to set A = 440 vibrations per second.

  13. Morph Ecto

    Hey Brett, thanks a lot for your great site! just got an uke last week as a birthday present from my girl, and after checking out various beginners sites i was happy to find yours – definetly the best in every aspect! thank you very much for sharing and spreading, also for the free book wich i just started to work thorugh.

    now i was wondering wether you would test the iphone-app-uke-tuners that are available and make a recommendation. i guess many would find it very handy to have that on their mobile instead of carrying an extra device around! what do you say? best for your website, guess will go for premium when i will stick to my uke…

    • Hey Morph, that’s a great idea to do a post reviewing different iPhone apps. Right now, I’ve been using an app called “ClearTune” and I really like it. It’s accurate and works well.

    • I use gStrings on Android and it works great. Very responsive and easy to use. I tried several others first but they wandered around and didn’t lock in on the ukulele’s sound. gStrings worked perfectly right away.

  14. Aly

    Hi! I just got my first baritone ukulele today. I’m a beginner and first time player 😛
    And I really meant to buy those small ukuleles but ended up with the big baritone ukulele *i never knew until know*
    And so I want to make my baritone ukulele sound standard, not the GCEA. Would it work? Or does baritone ukuleles only HAVE TO have the GCEA tuning.

    • Aly

      WOOPS! completely messed up on what I wrote :/ lol
      Ok so I got my baritone, and I was wondering if its possible to tune it on STANDARD, not the baritone tuning? or does the baritone ukulele really really has to have the baritone tuning?

      • You know, I’ve never tuned a baritone to standard tuning. If you are going to do it, I would recommend not using baritone strings to tune it to standard tuning because you’ll probably break them. You’d probably want to get regular ukulele strings and try those.

        • Paul

          I bought a baritone recently and I put a “ukulele capo” on the 5th fret. It sounds like a soprano ukulele to me.


          • Thanks for the tip, Paul!

      • Symon

        You can actually get nylgut gcea strings for a baritone. Aquila makes a set you can find easily. I had to order them online before but now Ted Brown music carries them where I live. Be careful tuning the high a though, I broke the first one.

      • Keithmj

        You probably have it figured out by now but yes you can tune it to the standard GCEA tuning. I know several people who do it that way. As always this site is great..Thanks Brett.

  15. john

    I just learned them all upside down =(

    • Uh oh! :)

      • mack

        can i use a normal guitar tuner…..

        • You should be able to just fine as long as the tuner is chromatic.

    • Carly

      me too! haha whoops! they should put something in the intro paragraph on the website that says something like “g is the top string when you are holding your ukulele” cuz i just got seriously confused too! haha

  16. loveit

    thank you soo much!!! my ukulele was out of tune for soo long but i couldnt find a good online tuner :) thanks!!!!

  17. megan

    i found it tricky to tune but now its simple

  18. Susan

    I cant do this can u put up an electric tuner please? thanks! :)

  19. hml

    this site helps, thanks dude.

  20. kayzer

    hey man. could you do a tutorial on the song dear laughing doubters by sondre lerche? thanks.

    • Hey Kayzer, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll keep it in mind for the future!

  21. derek Hardy

    hi brett am getting on famous with your course.
    advice please .how do i tune to a low [A] WITH A SET OF LOW [g ] strings on my ukulele.
    thanks for any help here..

    • Hey Derek, you’re tuning would be ADF#B. The A would be the low wound string.

  22. Carly

    is the g string the bottom string or the top string if you are holding the ukulele normally?

    • The “G” string is the top string of the ukulele. So if you are holding the ukulele in normal playing position, it’s the one closest to you.

  23. Zoe

    This isn’t really a question, but I thought i’d share that I thought I had tuning down for almost 3 months to find out that I had been playing my uke an octave too low all that time, so I would reccomend using the electric tuner on this website to help ear training.

    • Great recommendation! Thanks, Zoe!

    • john mitchell

      I am an 80 year old with arthritic fingers. I recently discovered that I have been tuning an octave too low. After tuning up an octave the increased string tension makes it difficult for me to depress my fingers enough to get a good clear sound, though when successful it sounds good. Any solutions for finger strengthening? Thanks.

      • Hi John, glad to hear you were able to get the tuning sorted. It takes time and practice for your fingers to strengthen. I’ve heard from many students in the Ukulele Strumming Tricks course who have arthritis and are learning to play the ukulele. The best advice seems to be to practice consistently but in small amounts taking frequent breaks. Just 15 minutes a day of practice can help you improve your skills.

  24. GnuzuGnuzu


    Great site. I purchased a Mitchell Baritone Uke today (already have a soprano) to give my fingers a little more room on the fret board. As I looked at the different ukes (was considering buying a tenor) I finally bought the baritone tuned to the Baritone tuning (DGBE) which of course is like the top end of the guitar.

    As I tuned the tenor uke in the store to the standard tuning (gCEA) I tuned it UP to the same pitch as a soprano, so in my opinion, it didn’t sound much different than the soprano anyway (and the strings were really tight!), so I tuned it down an octave. Is that correct, should a tenor uke be tuned an octave lower a soprano?

    After tuning it lower I thought that the Tenor didn’t have that high pitched high string sound (like the high “g” ringing of the soprano) and I thought it really didn’t sound too ukelele”ish”. So I went ahead and bought the baritone that still has a ukele ring to it from the top nylon “E.”

    I noticed on your “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” video you are using the Standard tuning BUT the ukelele looks to be bigger than a soprano uke. It still has that nice ukelele ring to it though. (The high nylon string resonance).

    So, a couple of questions-
    Do you think the tenor loses it’s ukelele sound by being tuned so low?
    What size ukelele are you using on the “Somewhere” recording?
    Do you know what size IZ used for his “Somewhere” recording?
    Are you using a baritone or tenor ukelele in the “Somewhere” video tuned to Standard tuning?
    Is it common (or does anyone you know) use a standard tuning on a baritone ukelele? (You would have to rearrange the strings to do so).

    • GnuzuGnuzu

      Since posting I’ve read your “my ukelele” story and that explains you use a tenor. I’m guessing then the high A let’s it keep it’s ringing “uke” sound. Any thoughts on tuning a baritone with the Standard tuning?

      • The top, high G string is actually more what gives the ukulele it’s “signature” sound. Usually on stringed instruments the top string is the lowest (like the guitar). You can use a standard tuning on a baritone, but I would just make sure you have standard strings, because you might break regular baritone strings. Also, because of the difference in the strings, it’s possible you’d need to take your baritone ukulele to a luthier or music shop to get it “set up” for standard strings. I’m all for experimenting though, so I wouldn’t be afraid to try it and see what it’s like.

    • Hey GnuzuGnuzu,

      Great questions. I’m glad to hear how you’re experimenting with all of this stuff.

      1.) The tenor in standard tuning should be tuned to the same octave as a soprano ukulele. You were right in tuning it up to the same pitch a soprano.

      2.) I’m using my tenor in standard tuning on the “Somewhere” recording, but my low G string is tuned down the octave rather than being tuned to the G above middle C like in standard tuning. This is called “low G tuning.” The trick with this tuning is that you need a wound low G string in order to keep tension on the string. Different string manufacturers make a “linear” or low G standard string set.

      3.) I’m not positive what size IZ used on the “Somewhere” recording. I tried to find some videos on YouTube of him playing it live, but I couldn’t find any. Maybe they are out there somewhere which could give some indication what he played. Someone else might know though, so if you do, please feel free to chime in!

      4.) See #2.

      5.) You can use a standard tuning on a baritone, but I would just make sure you have standard strings, because you might break regular baritone strings. Also, because of the difference in the strings, it’s possible you’d need to take your baritone ukulele to a luthier or music shop to get it “set up” for standard strings. I’m all for experimenting though, so I wouldn’t be afraid to try it and see what it’s like.

  25. Gem Marie

    Hello.. i am just wondering.. when tuning the ukelele, do i need to press down the G string on the 1st fret, the C string on the 2nd fret and so on? it’s my first time to play a string instrument, so i really don’t know these things.. thanks! ^___^

    • Hey there, no need to press down on any strings while tuning them. Just pluck the open string and try to match it to the pitch of the ukulele tuner tool above :)

  26. Penny

    I’ve just bought a uke and am a little confused with the tuning. I am a guitar player and have a KORG CA-30 tuner. After reading stuff on yr site you say it’s ok to use a chromatic tuner for a uke. I gave it a go but it’s all gone a bit pear shaped! I tried tuning the top string to G but it sounds really high, then the next string (c) sounds much lower. Normally with the guitar if u get the top string right the rest follows. I’m confused. Any tips?

    • Hi Penny, the top g-string definitely sounds high. There should be a good amount of tension on the string. The C-string should be lower than the top g-string. This is what gives the ukulele that “chimey” sound.

      I know what you mean about tuning the rest of the strings of a guitar to the top string. On the ukulele, the intervals are a little different so I recommend using a chromatic tuner. Are the notes registering on your tuner okay?

    • Penny

      Hi Brett

      I sort of gave up on trying to tune my Uke with a guitar tuner! I ended up using your tuner and it worked perfectly. I think I just need time to get used to hearing and playing the Uke when it’s tuned properly so my ears can adapt to the correct tuning. It’s early Uke days for me but I’m loving it!!
      Thanks for the tuner, it was a life saver! Your site has been such a help, well done to you.


    • ukegirl

      Hey Penny,
      Yes that is completely normal for your ukulele :)

  27. upasana

    i dont understand cords or anything ive got a pink ukulele and i cant play anythingmy mum wont by the book what should i do?

    • The ukulele lesson book is free. Just put in your email at the sidebar. Let me know if you have any troubles getting it. The book is an excellent place to start.

  28. Oliver Seddon

    Hey Brett, i really do love this website it really helps me out and i can only thank you for that!
    Anyway i was wondering if you could help me out i have had my ukulele for a while now but i have always thought it didn’t sound quite right, i have an electronic tuner what i have came to the conclusion is quite frankly shocking, I think i have a tenor looking at the size’s but may i ask does the tenor sound a lot different to the soprano or am i doing something wrong? Oh and may i also ask my chromatic tuner always comes up with o on c and o# on e, when this happens am i doing something wrong or is it the tuner? p.s. you don’t happen to know the Hz for a ukulele and if so does it change according to what ukulele you have?
    Sorry about all this i just want to get it sorted, thank you.

  29. wayne

    Hey Brett,

    I am new to the “Uke” and you’re online tuner just saved me!! I am doing some extensive travelling in the next year and wanted to keep the music alive….I am a drummer by “trade” but bringing a kit along just isn’t practicle. Great website!

    Thanks for sharing

  30. ClvenTroy

    thanks for this.. . im a newbie in this ukulele stuff.. thanks for this java tuner..

  31. Bella

    Thanks for this! Just got a uke today for Christmas, it helped alot! :)

  32. Stephen

    I just bought a tenor ukulele and was trying to tune to low G, however, the string felt very loose when I did that. Do I need to buy a different string in order to tune to low G?

  33. maggie

    Hi, I’ve bought a Concert uke. Do I tune it in the same way as my Saprano?

  34. megan


  35. Saundra

    OK…so where do I place the tuner? Does it matter what fret it is on. I have a Musedo T-50 tuner that came with my Concert Uke. When it turns on it displays a B#….should it be A? And then there is that Hz thing. Help!

    • Hi Saundra, clip the tuner on the headstock of your ukulele (where the tuning pegs are). If the tuner shows B# when you are plucking the A-string, this means you need to tune the string down in pitch to match an A note. At this point, don’t worry about adjusting the Hz setting. Keep it as it came default on the tuner.

      • Saundra

        Thanks so much….love your website!

  36. D'Nemo

    I got a Kohala, Model No. CP for my birthday. Apparently its an inch bigger than a standard soprano ukulele. And needless to say, I’m having problems with this thing. Its IMPOSSIBLE to tune. I decided that it probably just needed to be broken in, so to do that, I strummed….and strummed….and strummed some more (for WEEKS), but still no luck. Suggestions? I’d love to hear all your input. Thanks :)

    • D'Nemo

      *Model No. KO-CP

  37. kate

    hi i need help i dont actually know what the things on my tuner mean as i dont read music so what should i do?

  38. Bill

    Just spent my first hour playing uke and i am rocking because of your site.. Thanks. Plan on ordering the online lessons. I am using a korg ga-30 to tune with but the second string down wont register correctly with the tuner. It reads a high 2B instead of C. It sounds ok but just wondering why the other strings register correctly.

    • Hi Bill, my guess is that you are registering a B because the Korg GA-30 tuner is a guitar and bass tuner. On guitar and bass, it’s rare that you tune to a C-note so it’s probably picking up the next closest note: B.

  39. Thanks for the tuner !It works really good! :)

  40. me

    here’s a tip get an HOLA! uke, guitar, bass and chro. tuner. not only can it tune all of those but on amazon its only $8. It is small light-weight and VERY easy to use. I would highly recommend.

  41. Beth Gibson

    My daughter, when she was in school, was learning the violin and was constantly getting in trouble because of her *tuning*. Her playing went progressively out of pitch. I was oblivious, until the night before the Kiwanis Festival. I suddenly realised that her pegs were slipping, that that was the only explanation. Got a different violin and life was good. My point is that there are many things that can go wrong with a ukelele, or any stringed instrument, to make it near impossible to tune. Don’t hesitate to bring the instrument back (nicely) to the seller for help.
    Also, different songs, I have found, require different string tunings (on fretted instruments, at least). The tune may need its own special slightly lower, slightly higher pitches on different strings. It means that you have a keener ear than usual, I think. And that is why, if you buy a used piano, you really want it checked over by a piano mechanic. If those pegs are old and can’t hold the string, you are in huge, expensive trouble.

  42. Hello Brett,
    thanks for your nice little Uke eBook and your excellent website. It is helpful! I’m from Germany. Are you the son of Steve McQueen * LOL * Okay, have a nice day!
    Kind regards, Jay Kay

    • Hah, I’ve definitely gotten asked that before! You are very welcome. Glad to hear it is helpful.

  43. Judith

    Hi Brett – just found your website (love it!) seeking advice about low G tuning. I have just bought a set of the red Aquila strings and a low G string to try it out. I am a fairly new learner and am especially interested in your 12-bar blues techniques. Will the low G string be appropriate for that style? Thanks!

  44. Naseem

    I am having difficulty tuning my ukulele by ear, so I got a chromatic tuner from the apple App Store called clear tune. But I’m not sure how to use it. I know it works when using it to tune my guitar, but how do I use it to tune my ukulele

    • Hi Naseem, can you be more specific about the problem you are having? I use ClearTune as well to tune my ukulele and it picks up the notes just fine.

  45. Ashlee

    I’ve just tuned my ukulele, but when I play, strings have this awful rattly noise, which ruins it. I don’t know what’s wrong, and I was wondering if there was a simple solution. Thank you 😀


    I tried the low G tuning but the string has to be very loose to tune it.
    It has a “sloppy” feel to it and is harder to make the same volume as the other strings .
    Is this normal please.

    • Hi Richard, to tune to low G, you need a special low G set of strings that include a thicker or wound low G string that will hold the tension. Check out this article I wrote about tuning your ukulele to low G here.

  47. Lilly

    I got a uke for Christmas and I’m confused! I sorta play guitar and the strings go thickest to thinnest as they down. I noticed when I got my uke the strings are not in any order at all. Are they supposed to be like that? I’ve been trying to tune this thing but I don’t even know if the strings are in the right order!
    Please respond

  48. Emsiebabes

    Omg I’ve just found our website.
    It’s great!
    I’ve tuned my new burnt orange ukelele and now I wanna learn some tunes :)
    I’m sure ill learn from you Brett!!!

  49. Patricia

    Thankyou Brett. Just brought my first ukulele and had to tune it myself. Your tool is awesome. I’m going to use it help me tune by ear.

  50. frank

    Thanks Brett, nice site and fun e-book. Beginner on the Uke and found myself a Kala Concert. Stings have been on for three years I am told, and they look a little high neard the sound hole. Is this fixable, or if it is about 3 mm, is it fine..?

    Should I get new strings as well? What sounds great for strings….. No problem with buying good strings…. Need all the help I can,,,

  51. Lauren

    I LOVE your ukulele tuner! It always is a help when I’m in need.
    But recently, I have been trying to tune the g string to the standard gCEA tuning and it doesn’t sound right! Normally it sounds perfect, but I don’t now why its doing this now…

  52. James

    Hi Brett, I have question, what do you think about a ( Kumalae KT-10 Mahognay Tenor Uke ) ? I value your option !!! Thanks for your response .

  53. Anne

    Love your website. I was wondering if you would talk a little bit about different Ukes….such as brands, costs, types etc…. This would be so helpful when researching to purchase one. …need good comparisons. What would you recommend for a Beginner but yet they want a fairly good one as they hopefully learn more rather than having to upgrade?

  54. I use this about every five seconds and I cannot live without it! Thank you a bunch Brett!

  55. Tom

    Can I put steel strings on a ukulele and tune it eadg

  56. liv peace

    I have seriously been looking for a good tuner site for months and i haven’t ha it tuned since this. Thanks this actually worked!!! XD

  57. Sarah

    I’ve just got a beautiful tenor Ukulele for my birthday and I’ve been trying to figure out the tuning. The chromatic tuner tells me that going from bottom to top it’s 1st G 2nd D 3rd A 4th F. It came pre strung from the shop and I can’t find that tuning anywhere! Is it a special type of tuning or did the shop put them on wrong?

    • Hi Sarah, if the tuner is reading the strings this way, it just means that you haven’t tuned your ukulele yet. The ukulele strings will stretch and go out of tune. The bottom or first string needs to be tuned up in pitch to an A note. The 2nd strings need to be tuned up to an E note. The 3rd string needs to be tuned up to a C note, and the top or 4th string needs to be tuned up to a G note.

  58. rdp

    Hi Brett: Useful tool — thank you. Right now the sine tones are an octave above the true pitch — would you consider dropping them down an octave? Among other things, it would make it easier to hear beats while tuning.

  59. Brian

    Hi Brett,
    New to playing instruments in general. I have a tuner and I can tune my tenor ukulele in gCEA but it doesn’t sound right when I try to play I’m Yours by Mraz and I don’t really understand how to tune to a different key. Please help me out.

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