Silent Night

Here are the chords and lyrics for “Silent Night” (scroll down farther to see them). The song has a slow 6/8 rhythm to it, so you count it: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and repeat. This song sounds great if your fingerpicking to this count or if you do some simple downstrums. It is “Silent Night” so I find the less you overplay the more effective the song is.

“Silent Night” video

Chords Used in “Silent Night”

Here the finger positions for the chords used in “Silent Night.” Check out our ukulele chord library for more variations on these chords.

Bb major
Bb Major Ukulele Chord

F major
F major ukulele chord

Eb major
Eb major ukulele chord

F7 ukulele chord

“Silent Night” Chords

Bb            Bb
Silent night, holy night
F            Bb
All is calm, all is bright
Eb               Bb
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
Eb             Bb
Holy Infant so tender and mild
F7                Bb
Sleep in heavenly peace
Bb       F7       Bb
Sleep in heavenly peace

Bb            Bb
Silent night, holy night!
F               Bb
Shepherds quake at the sight
Eb                  Bb
Glories stream from heaven afar
Eb                  Bb
Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia!
F7                     Bb
Christ, the Saviour is born
Bb          F7         Bb
Christ, the Saviour is born

Bb            Bb
Silent night, holy night
F           Bb
Son of God, love's pure light
Eb                 Bb
Radiant beams from Thy holy face
Eb               Bb
With the dawn of redeeming grace
F7                  Bb
Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth
Bb     F7           Bb
Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth

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  1. andy

    very nice, what uke are you playing

    • Andy, it was a uke that was made by a guitar maker, M. J. Franks, in Detroit, MI. He makes some sweet guitars, and this uke sounds pretty good.

  2. Angel

    ME and a friend aare doing a duet of this song how do you think we should arrange it we are beginners she has backround with guitar tho and know almost every chord alread i just pick things up fast

    • Angel, you might want to take a look at different ukulele chord variations. Search for the chord you want and click another variation. If you both are playing the same chord but in a different voicing, it can sound really cool. Another idea would be to have someone pick the first time through and sing while the other person doesn’t play but just does some vocal harmony. Then you could repeat to another verse and then have the one ukulele keep picking but have the other strum some chords.

      Hope this gives you some ideas! Sounds like a fun thing to do :)

  3. Angel

    and what struming would you suggest by chance? we are argueing over it.

  4. I would say you could keep it really simple with just light down strums. You don’t want anything that sounds to aggressive as it is Silent Night. :) Try some light down strums to a count of three (1, 2, 3, 1, 2, etc.) and see if that works out okay.

  5. Amy

    Hiya, thanks so much for your fantastic website!

    Have been wanting a Ukelele for while and got one for Christmas, found your site, and am now well on my way to mastering the basics. Might try out a rendition of silent night for the family later :)
    Again, thank you!!

    • Awesome! It’s definitely the perfect day to learn some Christmas tunes :) Merry Christmas!

  6. Karl

    What pattern are you using here, is it the same as hallelujah? and is it low G?
    why do you play low G? most people play high G so it makes your videos harder to learn as you can’t replicate your sound without buying a new string and switching it all the time. or buy another uke, that sounds like a plan. i might do that

    • Karl, it’s almost identical to the picking pattern of “Hallelujah,” so if you used that picking pattern for a basis you’d be good to go. It is in low G. The reason for all these songs being in low G is the mere fact I am in the same boat as you in that I only have this one ukulele. 😀 hah. So it’s one of my goals to get a soprano or a concert uke here in the near future.

  7. Ross

    Excellent singing and very nice voice, Brett!!!
    I almost forgot that you were an intern at a church in Michigan some years back!
    Wish I could do that someday — sing and accompany myself!!!
    I sing karaoke, though!!!

  8. Dawn

    I have been looking for tabs on silent night I like the way you play silent night. What is the finger picking order I haven’t been able to figure it out.

  9. tonio


  10. Thank you Brett:
    Love the Christmas videos. I’ve been practicing away here….can actually play a few tunes without looking at the music. Recently surprised my son when I played (not really well) “Who’s Sorry Now”. I am so “chuffed”,you wouldn’t believe.
    Thanks for all your work,,,,,have a great Christmas and New Year.

  11. Kim Huat Dennis Chia

    Hi Brett,
    I am a new member, only days old and I thoroughly enjoyed your lessons. I am at lesson 21.
    Your lessons are systematic n the chords you provided for the songs are spot on.. I really hope you can provide us with more Christmas songs with lyrics n chords, at least for this coming Christmas we can have a fun time. n maybe later you can come up with a larger repertoire of oldies, songs of Yesteryear. I don’t regret signing up, as it is the best thing I done in a long long time. I now have music in my life, Thanks Brett n God Bless you.

  12. Alison Gross

    Hi Brett, thanks for some truly great stuff, how i ended up with a uke, a little festive story for you.
    Twas the night before concert and all through the house
    music was playing and slowly going south
    the drinks they were flowing
    the chords were a clamour
    me husband said id do better with hammer

    as time march on fast and guitars put away
    the net it comes on, games for to play
    but just before dawn
    eyes shot and red
    shopping we do with cross eyes and fuzzy head

    three days pass quietly all through the house
    the cats gone down pub and taken the mouse
    A Knock at the door and delivery taken
    by now i’m awake and totaly shaken
    six shiney boxes all the same size
    all the same shape infront of my eyes

    I call in the lads
    Ey up come round ere
    got prezzies for you lot oh and some good drinking beer
    when all idiots assemble, the boxes passed round
    there were sounds of unwrapping and what we got here

    SIX shiney ukes with brand new strings
    me being clever says i can play this thing
    so i take off the strings and tune it to bass
    you could of cooked toast from the heat off my face
    restring and retune and off we all go
    stairway to evan the one song we know.

    so becarefull my friends on quiet festive nights
    or a knock at the door brings you kalele
    Good Night. xx
    have a great holliday.
    Alison xx

    • Lora

      Very clever!

  13. Winston

    Thanks Brett,
    I found it very useful.Thanks and continue to do your good work. I get a lot outta your site.
    I truly will recommend this site to my ukulele friends.

  14. Benjamin Waters

    Hi Brett,

    DO you have a printable worksheet for this like your other lessons?

    On another note: I love my uke. I’m a children’s pastor in Australia and have been trying to write simple memory verses to music. Or simple songs. I then try and teach them to my kids at kids church (with mixed success.) Great fun.

    • Hi Benjamin, that sounds awesome and like a lot of fun! For my free lessons, I don’t have a printable worksheet. Sorry about that.

  15. Bem

    Hi Brett,
    I found this site last August 2, I was researching tutorials for ukulele even I don’t have one. So I just subscribed to your youtube account and listen to your covered songs( my background music while working). Your tutorials made me really want to buy Ukulele to play. But Ukes are so expensive here in my place, so, I really thrift my money and tried to save a lot in order to buy one. Thank God, last Saturday I was able to buy my very own Ukulele. ^__^ And now I’m here again to continue learning tricks for playing Uke. Thank you so much Brett. Because of you, I can play songs now for my mother with my Ukulele.

    • Thanks for the comment, Bem! I’m glad you finally have your ukulele now. Best of luck to you.

  16. Valerie Jensen

    How do I get my G string to stay in tune when I tune it down to a low G? It always looses it’s tune after 2-3 stums or plucks.

  17. Kevin York

    Hello Brett,
    New member here. Do you happen to have the picking pattern for the first couple verses? I love the simplicity of this version but can’t seen to get the pattern correct.


    • Hi Kevin, because “Silent Night” is in 6/8 time signature, I use a fingerpicking pattern that is nearly identical to the one I teach in my lesson for fingerpicking “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, which you can find here. I recommend checking that out.

  18. Jemima

    Hi Brett! Does that have a strumming version?

    • Hi Jemima, if you play “Silent Night” in a 6/8 feel, keeping it simple with down strums tends to work pretty well. I find that playing this song is more about the expression than the strumming pattern.

  19. Andy

    2 things. First of all, stay out of WalMart. Yuck! They treat people horribly all over the world.

    Secondly, how about playing the song in C… It’s beautiful. Simple. I sing it in German with my 5th graders.

    Just a thought. Or two. Thanks for all your uploads.

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