Ukulele Songs

Playing ukulele is all about the songs.

Here's a selection of some of our favorite songs to play on the ukulele. Select a song title to get the chords and a video.

Are you new to the ukulele? Be sure to get started on the right note and download the 41-page free ukulele lesson book Your First Ukulele Lesson and Then Some where you learn your first songs on the ukulele.

Beginner Songs

Intermediate Songs

Christmas Songs

Fingerpicking Songs

Learn More Songs With Online Ukulele Lessons

One of the best ways to learn to play songs is with step-by-step, easy-to-follow video lessons.

Ukulele Tricks’ online lesson courses help you learn to play the ukulele while playing actual beautiful-sounding songs.

Perfect for beginners. Become proficient in strumming, rhythm and chord changes on the ukulele, improving your skills while learning actual songs.

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For players beyond the basics. Take your fingerpicking skills to the next level on the ukulele, learning fingerpicking pieces in four distinct styles.

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